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Ammo Crate Table

Ammo Crate Table. At $434, I'm pretty sure I could get some friend to attach 4 wooden legs to a $50 Army Surplus Store ammo crate. Cool idea though.


In British army surplus stores, all British military surplus clothes available are brand-new unless specified as grade 1 or 2 used. Grade 1 means the product is in very great condition and colours are quickly. Grade 2 indicates the item shows signs of fading. All buying army surplus itemsBritish military surplus clothing products are genuinely used by the military and featured no tears, no holes, no repair worksoffered are available in the stock.


small railroad nails I hoped to find a 4th and use them in my bathroom as towel hooks but could not find another. I checked a couple of army surplus stores and still came up short, so on to plan B.I picked up some square blocks and stars from Michaels.Painted them, sanded the edges, and added the stars. I used black paint to dry brush the sides for an aged look.


How To Build An Emergency Gas Mask - You can buy top notch military grade gas masks from the Internet, hardware stores and from military surplus outlets but what if you needed one quickly and in an emergency? See how to build your own right here!

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What Outdoor Gear Can I Find at the Army Surplus Store?

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The Army Surplus Store That Stayed a Stylist Secret Until Now

Doursoux_3 Passage Alexandre, 75015, Paris The Army Surplus Store That Stayed a Stylist Secret Until Now


Mocht je in de winter je overkapping niet in de tuin willen hebben staan, dan zet je in de zomer toch gewoon een mooie ruime tent op!