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birdasaurus: “Marissa Quinn ”

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Ôi Katsushika - Girl composing a poem under the cherry blossoms in the night, end of the 18th middle of the 19th century, Menard Art Museum

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Do you ever wander what they dream of? They sure do look peaceful doing it... The muse for this painting was Roman... A gorgeous gray tuxed...

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The Muse of the Arts

The girl who lights the spark for the creation of all of the arts! This is a print reproduction of an original paper-cut piece. Printed with an

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Kandinsky's Kats - David Newton; dei miei Artisti d'arte preferito...con i miei adorabili Gattini :)

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Transported by the view: Rich color palette and hidden details make this an engaging piece - David Hockney | The Valley, Stalheim 2002

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