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Home Remedies for Arthritis in Hands

Prev2 of 3Next 7. Turmeric Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is another popular ingredient for treating hand arthritis. Turmeric also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Add one teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of hot milk along with a little honey and drink it once daily. You can also try the spiced


7 Natural Remedies for Arthritis in Hand


Yoga for Arthritis

One of the toughest things I've dealt with in the aftermath of longterm antibiotic use for Lyme disease is joint pain. For the last few years I've struggled with painful clicking joints in my fingers, wrists and knees.  I've been following the GAPS diet since October 1, 2013 and I can't believe that my joint issues have subsided for the most part. I still wake up... Click below to read more.


Top 6 Arthritis Exercises For Hands


Finger Lift Use this exercise to help increase the range of motion and flexibility in your fingers. Place your hand flat, palm down, on a table or other surface. Gently lift one finger at a time off of the table and then lower it. You can also lift all your fingers and thumb at once, and then lower. Repeat eight to 12 times on each hand.

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7 Hand Exercises to Ease Arthritis Pain

Don’t forget about your wrists, which can also get sore and stiff from arthritis. To exercise your wrist, hold your right arm out with the palm facing down. With your left hand, gently press down on the right hand until you feel a stretch in your wrist and arm. Hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat 10 times. Then, do the entire sequence with the left hand.


trigger-finger ~ What Causes Trigger Finger? Trigger finger can be caused by a repeated movement or forceful use of the finger or thumb. Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and diabetes also can cause trigger finger. So can grasping something, such as a power tool, with a firm grip for a long time. Trigger finger is more common in women than men and tends to happen most often in people who are 40 to 60 years old.

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What You Need to Know About Finger Arthritis

What You Need to Know About Finger Arthritis: Arthritis in the hands is a common problem.