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A childhood favorite featuring our cute little aardvark, Arthur.

" Nope, no aliens yet Sir. Just a pack of mules and two aardvarks so far." Arthur said.

Arthur . Friends . Arthur's Games & Printables Page | PBS Kids

22. Aardvark: 'Truly there is nothing like an aardvark. As if its alphabet-opening name wasn't weird enough, it literally means 'earth pig' - the animal itself defines oddness.'


Africa | Baby aardvark. Namibia | Image ©Andrew Bowden (Top) and Jack Somerville (Bottom) || Source;


Chicago's Brookfield Zoo is happy to announce the birth of an Aardvark on January 12, 2012. Because of the dedicated care provided by the Society’s zookeepers, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and nutritionist, the now healthy 13-pound calf has a bright future ahead of it. Although the calf will not be on exhibit for several months, zoo guests will be able to view it via a live video monitor In the near future.