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Interesting plant combination: Rhubarb & cardoon or globe artichoke -- I think it would look even better with some tall flowers in the back, cosmos? Maybe with an additional layer of lovage?

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Incredible Edible Gardens

.Artichokes are so beautiful and so yummy fresh from your garden. I love the different colors it turns. Very drought tolerant. They need a lot of space. Maybe even tucked on a little hillside where you look up at it?

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How to grow Artichokes: If you leave some artichoke buds on the stem, they'll flower into stunning purple thistle-like blooms.

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Globe Artichoke border, perennial, full sun, drought tolerant. Yummy and punk rock flowers! From: Growing Artichoke - Bonnie Plants

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Cynara cardunculus, or cardoon, is also known as an artichoke thistle. It is a member of the sunflower family, and is native to Mediterranean climes. The giant coarse toothed leaves are architectural in form, and incredibly dramatic. A lot of that drama comes from the fact that those leaves are a very bright silvery gray. These silver leaves, in the right light, have a decidedly metallic cast.

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Artichokes for my perennial veggie garden

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