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Reflective Practice- Are you Doing it?

Reflective practice occurs when teachers step back and evaluate the learning environment. The teacher looks at himself or herself. They ask, "How can this be better?" They identify what went right ...

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Everything You Need To Know About The Internet Of Things

A few months ago I wrote a post called, A Simple Explanation Of The Internet Of Things where I tried to provide some clarity around what this new connected world means for all of us. In the article I mentioned some of the driving forces behind this. "Broadband Internet is become more [...]

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Mark Kolkman on

5 Simple questions: What do you think? Why do you think that? Can you tell me more? How do you know this? What questions do you still have?

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A Never Before Seen Look Inside An AT-AT Imperial Walker

A Never Before Seen Look Inside An AT-AT Imperial Walker Via:

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Infographic: What is Arts Integration

Infographic: What is Arts Integration? Great guide to quickly and easily explaining the basics about the arts integration process!

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The Flipped Classroom Infographic

The Flipped Classroom Infographic

Infographic: The Flipped Classroom By Knewton - Getting Smart by Getting Smart Staff - activity learning, classroom instruction, infographic, Knewton, knewton infographic, online instruction, Online Learning, teaching methods, the flipped classroom

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WTF: This Wearable Turns Your Skin into a Touchscreen

Wow ! I've read an article where we can use our skin as a touchscreen for our smartphone. There is no need to use the device. We can just wear the device to our skin talk and text accordingly without any trouble or any itching sensation to the skin. Some doctors are saying that it might cause cancer but thorough investigation was performed in the lab and decided it is not a cancer causing agent. The article did not mention about the audio. That might become a intelligent question.

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Is Technology Damaging our Children’s Speech & Language Skills? Your Child Learns from Real People

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10 Facts About Sales Performance 23 Motivational Quotes for Sales Managers

23 Motivational Quotes for Sales Managers

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