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The Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea by Kenko Tea

What Are the health benefits of matcha green tea? Comprehensive Article on Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea Powder - With a cool Infographic Inside.

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These 9 Health Insurance Terms Confuse You … and Everybody Else

If shopping for health insurance has you in a state of confusion, you're not alone. Find out what common health insurance terms mean before you make a costly

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What's the Big Deal About Genetically-Modified Organisms?

A doctor's take on GMOs and our health.


The Health Benefits of Milk


Americans spend more on health care than other countries, but the system isn't sustainable and clogged with companies aiming for higher profits at your expense.

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Do You Know These 6 Health Benefits & Uses for Rosemary Essential Oil?

Rosemary is one of the most widely used herbs in the world, and those of us that love to cook have certainly used it in any number of dishes. But, friends, not only is rosemary great for cooking… in essential oil form it also has some amazing health properties which range from protecting the liver to being an anti-diabetic and also anti-inflammatory. In this article Ty shares 6 simple ways to effectively use rosemary essential oil to benefit your health. Click on to image above read on...

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How This Woman Gave Up Processed Food for a Year—On a $16,780 Salary

This article originally appeared on  By Catherine DiBenedetto We all know it’s healthier to “eat clean”—but convenient packaged foods, and weird ingredients seem to lurk everywhere. Just...