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Cave di Cusa (meaning “Quarry of Accusation” in Italian) or Rocche di Cusa in Sicily - I noticed that the inner wall surface and the wall of the column are processed equally, for what and why? That is, in other words that supposedly with picks digging - it's just nonsense, clearly visible mechanical processing, as if bored, or rotational movements of cutting tool

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This piece of Egyptian jewelry is from the tomb of Tut-ankh-amun (Tutankhamun). A scarab of lapis lazuli with falcon wings, supporting a red disk of the new-born sun.

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A former web designer's new job at a bookstore takes a turn for the unusual when he discovers that the store's secrets extend far beyond its walls. Featuring secret societies, ancient artifacts, and techy puzzles, this is an exhilaratingly gleeful adventure from start to finish.

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The Etruscan horse The horse is a strong symbol in the Etruscan culture. As in the Egyptian or in the Chinese culture the Etruscans would put in their tombs a large number of warriors or horses or chariots...the horse has also the meaning of strength and power. This horse is a consequence of the exchanges the Etruscan had with Greece.

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Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico means taking your place in the cast of visionaries who’ve fallen in ♥ w/ this seaside hideaway. The 1st inhabitants were the indigenous Taínos, whose striking artifacts inspired the designers of today’s resort. 1905, the Livingston's cultivated a 1,400-acre plantation here, w/ an airstrip, that hosted pilot Amelia Earhart. In 1937, Amelia wrote about the “surge of the sea” that lulled her to sleep at Su Casa, Clara Livingston’s hacienda that still graces a quiet…

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Ancient Artifacts and Symbols Photos

Ankh This ankh-shaped, gold-sheathed mirror case was taken from the tomb of Tutankhamun in southern Egypt's Valley of the Kings. The Ankh form, found in many ancient Egyptian tombs, is the Egyptian hieroglyphic character meaning "life."

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Chasmosaurus is a genus of ceratopsiddinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Period of North America. Its name means 'opening lizard', referring to the large openings (fenestrae) in its frill (Greekchasma meaning 'opening' or 'hollow' or 'gulf' and sauros meaning 'lizard'). With a length of 5–6 metres (16–20 ft) and a weight of 3.6 tonnes (4.0 short tons), Chasmosaurus was a ceratopsian of average size. Like all ceratopsians, it was purely herbivorous

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Cave Artifacts Push Dawn Of Human Creativity WAY Back

Bone Flute Means Musical Instruments Date Back 40,000 Years, Scientists Say

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