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age comparison book vs tv and actor age- @Heidi Brow - this answers some questions, though I'm guessing this is from the first season.

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After 5 years of feudal war...

After 5 years of feudal war...

After 5 years of feudal war...///i don't care about the war Cersei's hair was horrible at that pic(i mean in the long version)

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What's up bitches, the names Coal Cambridge and I'm a daughter of Zeus, God of lightning and thunder and also the main man of mount Olympus but hey, who's keeping track? Along with my fancy little powers of controlling some god given abilities, I'm an amazing cuisine chef and I can kick anybody's ass in boxing. From a young age I've had issues with my memory and remembering who I am, but I can tell you this. In my past life I was well off, I had people who loved me, but I wasn't happy.

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Aditi Arya Height Weight Age Affairs Bra Size and Much More! #WhatInIndia

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I'm Kim Shipley. I'm a first timer! I live in Boston with my husband and two daughters, Coraline, age 4 and Arya age 2. So yes, we can chat about Neil Gaimen or Game of Thrones or Sci Fi/Fantasy in general. I write at, a blog I started 5 years ago while pregnant. I love Boston. I love Doctor Who. I'm super laid back. I'm the most tattooed mom blogger i've met so far. I also love cats and rescue work and narrowly excaped a life as a cat lady.

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Queens of the Throne Age! EW Exclusive 'Game of Thrones' Portraits

'Game of Thrones’ Exclusive EW Portraits: Queens of the Throne Age | Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, and Gwendoline Christie |

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Personalised Baby Age Wooden Blocks, Baby Shower Gift, Baby Milestone Blocks, Pregnancy and Baby Photo Prop, Mint Grey Baby Wood Blocks

Personalized Baby Age Wooden Blocks - Baby Shower Gift - Milestone Blocks - Pregnancy and Baby Photo Prop - Mint Grey Baby Wood Blocks

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Lucy Hale as Cora Greene, age 17. She's Twyla's best friend in the hotel. She's a bit of a trouble maker, but she's like a cat: silent in her attacks.

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Arya and Gendry Game of Thrones i ship them so bad but they have such a big age difference

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