Pokéshipping- truly between Pikachu and Misty(jokes) Ash and Misty always but Ash is so dense!!!

alternate costume alternate hairstyle ash ketchum (pokemon) black hair blue dress blush bouquet bowtie brown eyes couple dress earrings flower formal frame full body green eyes hair flower hair ornament high heels jewelry kasumi (pokemon) mei (m

I'll Keep You Warm by PacificPikachu.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I'll Keep You Warm by PacificPikachu on deviantART- Yes, i know, pokeshipping is old and the fandom has seriously shrunk, but it'll forever be my otp😊 I just adored their chemistry! Still do to this day

Ash and Misty

This is so adorable, and I love how Pikachu is reaching toward Misty! They do say pokemon share the feelings of their trainers.

No one could help but ship these two even though they fought all of the time and were ten years old

Aww, I always thought Ash and Misty should end up together. ^_^ I miss this show sooo much.

I ship Ash and Misty much more than they intended for me to.  Seriously.  THEY ARE SO PERFECT.  I love when they hold hands! :)

I ship Ash and Misty much more than they intended for me to. THEY ARE SO PERFECT. I love when they hold hands! :) and I hate it when they took misty away.

Serena, Iris, Dawn, May y Misty ;3 ❤❤

Serena, Iris, Dawn, May y Misty ;3 ❤❤

This was the best moment ever I MEAN SERIOUSLY. He didn't say "SOME good friendS of mine left me, and I miss THEM every day". AAANNDD It had to be Misty because he said "her"

Awww Ash misses Misty :) Pokemon love omg i remember this! its blush worthy

Pokeshipping - Dream's complete - Vollkommen by MiyaToriaka.deviantart.com on @deviantART

The day when Misty joined the team in Kalos again, Ash pleaded her to have an eye on his buddy Pikachu until he would be back. The whole day long, Ash s.

Man I just miss this part of the show.  Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto... now it's all weird and complicated and Ash won't age...

I do. Like really, why is ash always the one who moves on? In the next pokemon game, they should make you meet misty at one point.

Ash and Misty making pancakes together with Pikachu

katedrawsstuff: “ Pokeshipping Week 2016 - Day Life as a couple “You’ve got something on your face.” Ash got some cooking lessons from Delia. Misty definitely thinks him being in the kitchen is a fire hazard (and has been proved right.