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Ashton Irwin <3 marry me? I want you to marry me? You're perfect in every single way! Not just in looks, but in personality and talent (and by talent I mean, you drum; just like me!!!) <3 <3<<< Ash is such an amazing person<<<I make soap does that count as unique?<<<

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Ashton loves spaghetti... i love spaghetti... coincidence... I THINK NOT<< Ashton would date a fan....I'm a fan... coincidence ... I THINK NOTTTT

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I don't know what to do with myself<<take me out of the oven because i am so done with life! this made my life better!

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27 Times Ashton Irwin Was Too Adorable To Handle On Instagram

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I think it's things like this that really confirm the fact that I'm an Ashton girl

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It's official, Ashton Irwin thinks I'm hot<<there you all have it. Ashton Irwin has called me hot. Your argument is invalid.

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