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Take a look at this cool visual representation of Asian countries and their flags

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Map of ASIA continent. Fact: about 60% of the world´s population are living in Asia, (for comparison - in North America continent only about 7,5%.) More

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Map of Asia that can be used in Asia Study for Year 6 - Australian Curriculum: Geography. West Asia (The Middle East), South Asia (India and surrounding areas), North-East Asia (Japan/Russia/China/Korea/Taiwan) and South-East Asia.

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Travel Sections - Figure out where you want to go in the World. Link cities up as you plan your trips. Ex: Travels to Asian countries can easily scoot down to Australia and over to South Africa. You could also reverse this example.

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Alexandre Verhille - Across the Planet : Stage 3 ( Myanmar to Singapore) Last part from the extraordinary trip of Maureen and Tony Wheeler ( co-founders of Lonely Planet )

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Multicultural Considerations: Insight is not valued in certain cultures, such as Asian American cultures. Psychodynamic approaches have been criticized as irrelevant for anyone not coming from a verbal middle-class background.

6 Things To Do While You're Visiting Osaka, Japan

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