Asian baby and kids

O. M. G. I can't wait to see my grand babies someday! Half Vietnamese and half a bunch of other stuff! They are going fabulous babies!

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Rescue Dog And Baby BFF Are Partners In Crime AND Fashion

And the #1 Reason is… | 53 Reasons Why Asians Are The Superior Race

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Planning to do this photoshoot with my babies and dogs someday

Planning to do this photoshoot with my babies and dogs someday

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Adorable Aleyna with Korean and Turkish background! When i was still together with my Korean ex bf, i often hoped for a little girl as adorable as Aleyna, haha.

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When our first born can trick or treat, they will go as this and we will go as chopsticks!

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The kids will go crazy for this Candy Sushi! Made with rice crispy treats, Swedish fish candy and fruit roll ups. This dessert sushi recipe is easy to make, portable and great for parties.

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11-month-old Julian Jackson Ray, Chinese-Caucasian son of Scott & Stephanie Ray, and finalist in BabyGap Casting Call Contest 2008.

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"Quiet, please! and listen up feel free to grab the hand of the person on your right." -Cold War Kids

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