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Asian Fencing And Gates

Japanese influencesThis Asian-inspired cedar gate is a fitting sentinel for a terraced West Coast garden with Japanese influences. Its generous size is proportional to the property’s many large, mature trees and high lattice fence. Although it provides privacy and keeps out the numerous deer in the area, it also offers enticing glimpses of the garden within.


Entry to a garden or pool area. This design of the gates can almost give off an oriental flair. The flowered overhang add beauty and color.


Make an Elegant Entry A side gate to the garden opens onto a serene, shaded corner screened by a bamboo fence and paved with large slabs of concrete inlaid with rounded black stones. Tufts of deep green mondo grass soften the hardscaping.


Another Cedar Fence - this time with an asian flair. Beyond these gates, much like in a chinese temple is a wall, supporting a similar but much larger headpiece. Beyond that a hot tub. When they built the temples they had this layout to create a bottleneck for invading armies.