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15 Basic Ingredients for Cooking All Kinds of East Asian Food

15 Basic Ingredients for Cooking All Kinds of East Asian Food / 15 Basic Ingredients for Cooking All Kinds of Asian Food - Nice list! I stock most of these on a regular basis from my local Asian food stores. (Don't know what I'd do without them!!)


Yokan is a traditional Japanese dessert, which is made from agar-agar, sugar, and azuki beans. Mizu-yokan is so named because "mizu" is Japanese for water, and this Japanese gelatin recipe contains more water than other types of yokan. This Japanese gelatin dessert is a nice, refreshing treat on a summer day. Anko, which is an ingredient, is a red bean paste that you will find in Asian food stores.


Product: Chili oil. Store: Dinh Dihn Asian Foods (79 Geneva Street, St Catharines). This oil is infused with chili peppers and can used to add spice/heat to your dishes. It does pack a punch, so use cautiously at first. This product is low in FODMAPs. It is found in Asian food markets/stores, although you may find it also in the Asian food section of large grocery stores. Neal Glauser, RD


It's easy and on your tips to find nearest Asian Food Store or Restaurant in your town.

PINEAPPLE COCONUT NOODLES You can get all the ingredients for this fast, fresh-tasting noodle dish in the Asian foods section of any well-stocked supermarket or natural foods store.


Amok (Steamed coconut fish) I loved this dish when I was in Cambodia and found this recipe when I returned. The result was exactly as I remembered. It is a bit labor intensive but soooo worth it. Ingredients can usually be found in Asian food stores.


Unique Hawaiian Pizza with Seaweed

#italianfood #pizza #pizzarecipe Many Asian food stores will sell the dried seaweed, though it will usually be sold as a condiment or topping for Japanese miso soup or ramen...

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Gems of Seattle’s International District

Uwajimaya is a classic Asian food destination in the Northwest. Founded in Seattle in 1928,the 35,000 square foot store is home to endless isles of traditional Asian foods, a premier seafood deli, bakery, food court,& bookstore.