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Republican Latino Site Features Image of Asian Kids

The Latino vote is a much sought-after prize in this year's presidential election, so it makes sense that both sides have Spanish-language websites courting Hispanic voters. How...

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Fat asian kid strikes again

Researchers studying ways low-income families can help children achieve and maintain normal body weight found that the extra minutes invested in mealtimes significantly improved a child's chances at maintaining normal weight.


Don't matter how well you do something. There will always be an asian kid who will do better than you.


Little Asian kid climbing up the slide at the playground under the sunlight in summer, Kids play on school yard. Happy kid in kindergarten, color tone, shallow DOF

Amazing Asian Kids Basketball Routine. I totally would have been that one kid who dropped the damn ball and went chasing after it, hahaha


Little Asian kid holding a radio remote control (controlling handset) for helicopter , drone or plane at the playground, school yard. Happy kid in kindergarten or preschool.shallow DOF