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Asian Toaster Ovens

Lotus Root with Sesame Sauce (5 minutes in your toaster oven)


i feel american ppl don't have toaster ovens (and that it's an asian thing); they seem to only use toasters or ovens... but toaster ovens are the BEST little kitchen item EVER! i heart our panasonic model -- which is about 10 yrs old and still going strong!


Learn how to make #chinesebbqpork ( #charsiu ) easy with a toaster oven set at 450 degrees.


Tofu Teriyaki Sticks (For the Convection Toaster Oven)

Peanut Satay Ramen

Even though I'm a married adult I still keep Ramen in the house. As a teacher, there are days that when I come home, I either have no idea what to make for dinner or I don't want to cook at all. This is where Ramen saves me. In college, I was well equipped to make many dorm masterpieces. I had a mini fridge, electric kettle, espresso/coffee maker, and in my final two years I acquired an illegal toaster oven (illegal because toaster ovens were not allowed at my college, but the idea came…

Filipino 'Spanish' rolls - I can't even describe how absolutely *delicious* these are. If you don't have access to a Filipino bakery that makes them, try this recipe. It's recommended that you warm them in a toaster oven if you aren't able to eat them fresh/warm. I cut them in half, spray a bit of EVOO on them and warm them up a bit in a skillet