Pattern for a Vintage 1950s Glass Windchime

Pattern for a Vintage 1950s Glass Windchime

川越氷川神社 縁むすび風鈴 - 10万人以上を魅了する夏の祭事

Japanese glass furin, a hand blown glass chime that evokes coolness in the summer.

I bought some of these chimes for my mom while I was in Myanmar. My favorite Asian country.

Make Mom's bells into a wind chime. I love wind chimes

Furin, Japanese Wind Chimes

Wind chime market "Fuurin-ichi" is held every year only for one week. Many kind of wind chime is placed.

Japanese wind chime 風鈴- fūrin. ☆★The word 開運- kaiún written on 短冊- tanzaku (strip of paper) literally means "opening up a better fortune."

☆★The motif is 招き猫- maneki neko (the traditional beckoning cat or the lucky cat). The word 開運- kaiún written on 短冊- tanzaku (strip of paper) lit. "opening up a better fortune.

wind chimes - I got this for my birthday. Does not seem to gong that much. Does a lot of spinning

wind chimes - LOVE this! I'd love to hear this. It could have a beautiful distant sound.

“...And we pray, not for new earth or heaven, but to be quiet in heart, and in eye clear. What we need is here.”  ― Wendell Berry

Japanese wind chime: by Yoriko YOUDA, has a frog on it.

Porcelain, Koi Fish Windchimes

Our Porcelain Koi Fish Wind Chime sounds & swings in the breeze. This colorful porcelain fish wind chime is a fresh twist on a traditional porcelain wind chime.

Japanese wind chimes  Could we somehow create noise with the wind.   Windchimes or harmonica/kazoo structures

Japanese wind chime, Furin 風鈴 - the sound of summer in Japan.

Harmony Bells: Like the bells that have rung in Tibetan monasteries for thousands of years, this trio of Asian-inspired harmony bells help create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Set of 3 bells are cast of metal and have wooden clappers inside each for a gentle ring when rung by hand or the play of the wind. Each hangs on a jute cord. Bells measure from 7 3/4"H to 4"H. $15.99

Decorative Solar Powered Pumpkin

Harmony Church Temple Garden Bells - These look nice, different from typical "wind chimes".

Windchimes: Elegant Music for your Home | Expert Technology Writer

Glass windchimes/ silver curved bar at top with blues, pale colors, white, translucent