Will you be my God Father / mother

How to Choose Pregnancy Friendly Picnic Food

A great way to ask someone to be your baby's God parent. The God Father and God Mother

Way to ask godparents?

I will make sure my godparent proposal will have this beautiful poem inside …

How to ask aunt & uncle to be godparents

"Dear Uncle Joe and Aunt Cathy, For although I'm still brand new, I know I couldn't have any better angels on Earth other than both of you! Will you be my Godparents?

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Godparent poem that we gave with Godparent gift at baptism. Perfect words for the occasion!

Will You Be My Godmother custom baby outfit by LivAndCompanyShop

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This 6 tall 21oz classic white ceramic Fairy Godmother Mug is fully customizable! It would make the perfect gift for your best friend who you want to make your childs godmother. Think about all the different ways to ask. This is the cutest coffee cup and would make the sweetest gift. Any godmother would be honored!  This listing is for the product you see pictured above.  All items are handmade with tender love and care! It involves many steps to make! All orders are on a 3-5 day week turn…

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