Planting Asparagus Seed: How Do You Grow Asparagus From Seed - Many gardeners buy established bare root stock when growing asparagus, but can you grow asparagus from seeds? If so, how do you grow asparagus from seed and what other information on asparagus seed propagation might be helpful? Find out here.

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How to Harvest Asparagus Seeds... Asparagus plants are dioecious, each plant is either male or female. For them to reproduce, there must be at least 1 male & 1 female plant in your garden. It's hard to tell the difference before they reach maturity. You must allow most of the plants to develop naturally, unharvested, until summer. Then the female asparagus plants produce the berries that contain the asparagus seed. When berries turn red & full, they are ready for harvest.

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Purple Passion Asparagus - Seeds of Change

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