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heyyy im aspen! sam is my older brother. im 16 and single. i love makeup and just hanging out. i guess you can say im insta famous. but im not arrogant so please come say hi

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:::ASPEN MANSFIELD::: "hey! I'm Aspen Hemmings! I'm 19 and single. I'm shy and I love books and photography. I still like to have fun but I am kinda clumsy. My twin brother is Luke. Introduce?"

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Went to the cutest lil bakery today. Comment your snapchat and I'll follow some of you guys ☁️

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Sky:"Still need a daddy" I pout "Can someone at least cheer me up for a while

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hey guys! I'm Faislyn. I love music and my little sister, Krista, even though she is a little brat. peace out Girl Scouts.

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{FC Aspen Mansfield} Hiya! I'm Mallory but I go by Mal! I'm 19 years old. I seem happy but honestly I'm not. I'm not good at relationships because of past experiences.

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