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My Asperger's Child: Helping Aspergers Children Who Get Frustrated. -- A great piece on helping adolescents and kids with Asperger's who exhibit low frustration tolerance. #ASD #Autism #Aspergers


Strategies for Teaching Students with Aspergers; great list of strategies.... Every parent and teacher should read.... Print off and keep as a reminder.... YOUR aspergers children and student's will ThANK YOU.....


Clingy Behavior in Children with Asperger's & High-Functioning Autism - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

from The Mighty

What a Meltdown Feels Like for Someone With Autism

"Even when we're in the middle of a panic attack, people either don't get what's happening to us, or else they just tell us to stop crying. My guess is that the despair we're feeling has nowhere to go and fills up our entire bodies, making our senses more and more confused." Naoki Higashida (pg. 54) More


Behavior Contracts for Aspergers Children and Teens - Parent-Teen / Parent-Child Contracts: Asperger Syndrome Every Aspergers child needs some kind of structure - especially Aspergers teens. The purpose of Behavior Contracts is to create a structure that eliminates gray areas, create new habits, and hopefully create less conflict.