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Assassins creed funny - Google Search. << This seriously happened to me once and it was hilariously scary XD

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The downfall of the Order, finally explained

Bahahah. This is hilarious. Poor Haytham. :( I actually really like him. <--- Me too. I'm glad he'll be in Rogue.

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Legit me and friend in math class when our math teacher says, "sorry guys no math homework today."

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I also started climbing my dad's car

I started play assassins creed yesterday and I can't stop playing it. But what's funny is that it's ture I looked at my roof and then realized I'm not that good of a climber

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Performing tricks while doing a Leap of Faith should be part of the next Assassin's Creed.

Yeah, Ezio wouldn't need hair to climb THAT tower. He's probably on his way up to assassinate Mother Gothel.

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