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FMLA Laws (Caregiver legal rights for an epilepsy person)

Under the public policy exception, an employer may not fire an employee if it would violate the state's public policy doctrine or a state or federal statute.In this diagram, the pink states have the 'exception', which protects the employee


Please Follow, Share, +1! SHOULD AT WILL EMPLOYMENT BE LEGAL??? (At-Will Employment means an employer can fire you at any time for any reason regardless of the performance of the employee!) Honorable Campaigns, LLC We are in Business for the Employee!


The Arizona Employment Protection Act establishes a presumption of at-will employment. Employers should carefully review their policies to ensure they don't conflict with the presumption. For example, does a progressive discipline policy override an express at-will-employment policy? It's possible if the policies aren't properly written.

He went on and on about At-will Employment

Given all the rigid measures we have to meet to gain employment it seems an unethical and unlawful crime that employers are still afforded a right such as At-Will employment. Posted by Andrew C. Petersen. See this and more at


California's "At Will" Employment Approach: How to Know If Termination Is Legal or Not

Resume Cheat Sheet #infographic Andrew's almost done with a complete unit on Employment, which includes an awesome lesson on resume writing. It's not published yet, but check out our other collections at

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Law Will Allow Employers to Fire Women for Using Whore Pills

A proposed new law in Arizona would give employers the power to request that women being prescribed birth control pills provide proof that they're using it for non-sexual reasons. And because Arizona's an at-will employment state, that means that bosses critical of their female employees' sex lives could fire them as a result. If we could harness the power of the crappy ideas coming out of the state of Arizona, we could probably power a rocket ship to the moon.


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