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"As night falls and all darkens in my perceptible vision the owl guides me into obscurity and teaches me how to decipher all that is hidden. Eyes wide shut, I can then travel into mysterious and far a

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Athena~ goddess of wisdom, war, and creating. With a strong heart and clever mind shes sharper than any weapon on earth.

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Athena Goddess by A very nice image with the helmet down, a cunning look, a dark aspect, and Medusa's head well-rendered on the shield. A look at the dangerous side of the Goddess of War.

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Which Greek Goddess Are You?

Athena _ Greek. Virgin goddess of war and wisdom, patroness of goldsmithing, she gave fire to humanity.

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Athena Goddess of Wisdom | huns harold mcneill solar knight alexander uglanov goddess of wisdom

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✯ Athena is very adequately paired with the Major Arcane of Emperor in Universal Goddess Tarot + The card of Emperor is the strongest male energy in Tarot :: Universal Goddess Tarot by Maria Caratti & Antonella Platano ✯

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