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A group photo of the first eight African American police hired by the Atlanta Police Department in 1948. The last of this group, Johnnie P. Jones (2nd from the right in the back row) died on February 27, 2013 at the age of 93. Because of segregation these officers could not carry a gun or arrest a white person.


.October 26, 1994 Beverly Harvard became the first Black woman to run a major police department when she was appointed Atlanta’s police chief on this date. Harvard began her distinguished career in 1973 as a patrol officer and worked her way through the ranks, serving in a number of posts within the department.


Check the date. The System Was Designed To Incarcerate And Kill Blacks, but bc evil has no restraint if allowed to live in a society, whites have now been getting killed as well.


One of high school student Taylor Washington's numerous arrests is immortalized as he yells while passing before me. The photograph became the cover of SNCC's photo book, The Movement, and was reproduced in the former Soviet Union in Pravda, captioned "Police Brutality USA."


Mrs. Martin Luther King Sr. & Deacon Edward Boykin were shot & killed during church services at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta (June 30, 1974). The assailant, Marcus Chennault of Dayton, Ohio (a Black Man), was later convicted & sentenced to death. According to the New York Times, Chenault “told the police his mission was to kill Rev. MLK Sr. (but he shot Mrs. King by mistake). This added "Fuel" to the theory that James Earl Ray DID NOT Act alone.


I see Carson similar to this, especially with Ebony gone. He'd have no reason to shave or really care about his appearance. The green would be red, and his eyes would have that unsettling artificial crimson to them.