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quotes about attention seeking friends - Google Search

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I eagerly await the day you receive enough attention from your attention seeking facebook statuses so that you no longer feel the need to post attention seeking facebook statuses.

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So funny. They need reassurance that the "likes" give them, and it is out of pure selfishness that they need to try to make others feel jealous.

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What a fabulous article! Good tips to help students help themselves (and we can keep our sanity!)

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Haha! This must be where all of her attention seeking antics come from lol!

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I don't always roll my eyes about your status updates, but when I do, it's because you're an attention seeking moron | I Dont Always

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Bible verses, poor pity me, or vague statuses... It all boils down to attention seeking. #foreverthevictim #attentionseekingbehavior #sadexistance

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Attention-seeking behavior on Facebook. It's rampant!

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Positive Discipline for Attention Seeking Behaviors | Positive Parenting Connection

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You are the biggest, most hypocritical, judgmental, two-faced, attention seeking bitch I have ever met. Good luck in life with those qualities.

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