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As sad as it might've been, its a big part of world history and I'm ahistory major. Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland.

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Today in WW2 history 1/25/40 - Oswiecim or Auschwitz Poland was chosen as a concentration camp site.

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What Did Auschwitz Look Like?

yeah an wheres hitler you fuck; with all that pansy possy. world fuckin wide screw fuck ups.. What Did Auschwitz Look Like?: Hair, Shoes, Clothes

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Gisella Perl was forced to work as a doctor in Auschwitz during the Holocaust. She was ordered to report every pregnant woman to the physician Dr. Josef Mengele, who would use them in cruel experiments like vivisections before killing them. She would give them abortions before he found out to save them from this fate. After being rescued from the camp she tried to commit suicide, but survived, recovered and kept working as a gynecologist, delivering more than 3000 babies.

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[Photo] Rudolf Höss on the gallows, Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland, 16 Apr 1947

[Photo] Rudolf Höss on the gallows, Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland, 16 Apr…

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Auschwitz, Poland, A boy wearing a prisoners uniform after liberation, 1945. A triangular badge with a number is sewn to the uniform.

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Former women prisoners on the wooden bunks that served as beds, in Auschwitz concentration camp.

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