An Aussie puppy with cute blue eyes. I'm determined to own a dog like this!

Facts About Australian Shepherds

A list of facts about the Australian shepherd breed including temperament, history, and little-known interesting facts. - My Doggy Is Delightful

use to have a Australian Shepard named Dusty. He was my Papa's little shadow. Went with him everyday to check and feed the cows and anywhere else my Papa went on the farm. When my Papa died Dusty grieved forever. He died not to long after that. RIP Dusty and Papa. I love and miss yall

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

Please adopt, never shop and please don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die.  Let’s empty out our shelters and have no further use for rescue groups because all the animals will have responsible, healthy, loving and forever homes.  If we get involved and work together we can do it!

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

This is almost identical to my dog, Ginny. She has one brown eye and a half brown half blue eye. She's super outgoing and hates to cuddle but her soft, fluffy fur makes up for that.