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What is the best automatic Nerf gun? at

With the Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS Blaster you can launch an all-out assault with this fully automatic Nerf gun! Unleash a storm of darts from the extended 18-dart clip and reload in a hurry with the three spares! Includes: Blaster 50 Dart Drum 50 Darts Tactical Shield Age :6+


Pokemon GO EEVEE Evolutions Lanyard ID Park Pin Holder W/ Rubber Charm Nintendo

Two fully-automatic Nerf Guns w/2 pistols! missing two small guns - should be sent after xmas


Semi-Automatic NERF Longshot

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Hasbro’s new fully automatic Nerf gun shoots up to 68 mph

Hasbro’s new fully automatic Nerf gun shoots up to 68 mph - Entertainment -

from Kotaku

Automatic NERF Sentry Gun Is Just About The Coolest Thing Ever Made

When I was a kid, about the only NERF things you could buy were footballs and basketballs. These days, you can get some pretty amazing toy weapons which fire soft NERF darts. But this highly-customized sentry gun could be the best NERF build ever.