Avatar facts... Some of these are cool and others ruin your childhood. Your job is to know which is which.

Legend of Korra/Avatar the Last Airbender: Fun Facts about the avatar universe. These are pretty good.

Avatar Facts Surnames and two of then are fake

And only two of them are actually real. I wonder if it's a rich thing.<<<in ATLA and LOK only rich people have last names lol

Random Avatar Facts

Prince Lu Ten was the son of General Iroh, the nephew of Ozai and Ursa, the cousin of Zuko and.

Katara mastered plantbending, healing, and bloodbending. Toph mastered seismic sense, metalbending, and sandbending.  Source  Avatar Fact #124

Katara mastered PlantBending, Healing, and BloodBending. Toph mastered Seismic Sense, MetalBending, and SandBending. Source Avatar Fact ≈Avatar The Last Airbender≈

That is awesome. So now do people have to master thirty-seven airbending forms?

Most people do not realize tha you had to master 36 forms, or master 35 and create a new technique.

avatar the last Airbender: I always wondered that

I think Avatars should be born with tattoos that glow, they can all be unique to the avatar.---------> my thoughts exactly

yeah, it was pretty hilarious when Toph acknowledged that

My favourite part was when toph was all sad because she didnt get to go on a life changing trip with zuko. I love toph

I really don't think this is accurate, or there's a bit of a plot hole. Bumi is not a bender - if you say the reason is because of Katara, that means that the airbenders could only have interbred, and never had a significant number of outside relationships in hundreds or even thousands of years, which would make for a pretty stagnant gene pool.

Wait, then how is Bumi 2 a nonbender? Shouldn't all Aangs kids be either water or air benders then?

you learn something every day

In the fishing canoe, then in the Northern water tribe boat, and the Fire Nation ship. And in "The Legend of Korra," each season premier has featured a journey by boat.

Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra fun facts

I would have loved an episode that went into detail about why Iroh was able to see spirits. And one about Aang's parents. And I'm just going to believe that about Momo anyway :D Meme Center : Vlade Posts - Page 81 - Meme Center

Avatar - The Last Airbender (and The Legend Of Korra) Fun Facts Dat first one tho

Avatar - The Last Airbender (and The Legend Of Korra) Fun Facts."there was no movie made about ATLA". "What movie are you talking about?

The play was way better then the movie they made in real life. It had something called humor

Knew Zutaraa but never realized Ozai's Angels - Avatar Facts

Lol Azula, you and your final words - Avatar: The Last Airbender ...  Anne

Lol Azula, you and your final words - Avatar: The Last Airbender . Anne<< Well her last actual words. I guess the screaming fit doesnt count

Weird, and to live in their villages it was much more convenient to be able to air bend.

On the highest peaks you find the Air-Temples - Avatar The Last Airbender audio atmosphere