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Thor Gets a Cellphone and Texts Tony Stark

idk why this seems so funny it just i love Robert Downey Jr. sarcastic remarks!

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I don't know where these are from, but I'm pinning them from the comments of the Tasertricks Fanfic -"Add it Up" by Leftennant. PLEASE do yourself a gfavor and read the fic. :) Funny stuff.

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Why the Avengers shouldn't text

Combining two of my favorite things: avenger texts and harry potter Lmao it took me a bit to understand who they were texting... I LOVE IT!

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Why the Avengers shouldn't text

Why the Avengers shouldn't text>>> Oh my gosh! My sister is sitting next to me and she's all like, "That must've been how Nick lost his eye." XD Both are tooo funny!!

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Aw, poor Thor. Although it seems like Steve has been getting the hang of this texting thing...

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