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cuidar un ajolote

Este artículo te dirá cómo cuidar de un ajolote. Un ajolote es una salamandra acuática relacionada con las salamandras tigre; en un tanque, nunca se transformarán en adultos, permanecerán como larvas. Son unas mascotas muy fáciles de cuidar...


Axolotl Care Sheet For Beginners Axolotls are commonly known as Mexican walking fish but in fact they are not a fish at all. Axolotls are a salamander and are a part of the amphibian family just like...


Axolotls in jars [why the jars? It is a feeding method used with aquatics including many fish that are bottom feeders. Pellets would be in the jar so they will clean up all the food -no waste- and won't have to fight other fish for it. In this case it also keeps the axolotl from ingesting the substrate]


11 Awesome Axolotl Facts

With big branch-like gills, lizard-like limbs, and a cute perma-smile, it’s hard not to fall in love with the axolotl.

Axolotl planted tank tips