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"If you believe hate from others will destroy you, it will. If sent a vibration of hate, scoop it up & change it to a vibration of love." — Yoko Ono

from Etsy

One of A Kind Handmade Beaded White Tiger Necklace for Protection & Wisdom Ayahuasca Necklace for Ceremony Use (Colombian Amazon)

This beaded necklace is one of a kind handmade from the Colombian Amazon by the Inga tribe. It is part of the Ayahuasca Ceremony culture and holds unique spiritual properties the wearer can use as a tool. The Spirit Animal for this necklace is the White Tiger. Each piece is made with a specific intention in mind and is crafted for this purpose. The design for each piece is received by the weaver during an Ayahuasca vision. Details for this necklace: *Rare one of a kind White Tiger Ayahuasca…