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Everyone needs a Babushka. A sweet little old lady came out of her house to try and cheer up my son who was crying, she looked like she was straight out of a fairy tale <3

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The Babushka Lady never came forward. She was found in many of the CIA photos with a camera of her own. taking shot before, during, and after the shooting of JFK

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”I asked an old woman, “Which is more important to love or to be loved?” She replied: “Which is more important to a bird its left wing or its right wing?”~ ♛

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"well I'm almost done knitting my third blanket this year" "oh that's fantastic, it's more of a scarf year for myself all my grandchildren have one" "splendid" "yes splendid"

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I want to meet this lady, she seems like she would be cool and have great stories.

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Beverly Oliver claims to be The Babushka Lady in Dealey Plaza at the time of the JFK assassination