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Baby Bank Account

What A $100 Million Bank Account Balance Looks Like

 Show you the money? Well, if you say so. Was feeling pretty good till some show off "accidentally" left their balance receipt in the atm.  ... View Gaudy ATM Receipts Casually Left Out for the Next Person to See" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor


4 Options for your New Baby's Bank Account

Stephen Covey’s Habits" are applicable to people chasing big goals, even saving money. Apply it to your life and develop the habits of successful savers.


There are SO many babies being born soon, that my bank account informed me that I definitely needed to either skip buying gifts or take a cheaper route! I'm a sucker for all things babies, so I opted for the cheaper route and made a DIY ABC baby book. I'm dying over the cuteness of this book! It turned out so great! Check out how I did it and how I saved a bunch of money on baby gift ideas! ‪#‎SnugsHugs‬ [ad]


Savings passbook! Also remember having to line up in the bank on Fri before they closed (they didn't open until Mon) to get weekend money; there were no ATMs!


Order by Oct 23 - STORE CLOSING - Last Chance to Order - Rockabilly Tattoo Baby Pinafore Dress and Diaper Cover

Rockabilly Tattoo Baby Pinafore Dress and Diaper by RockinMamaBG, $27.50


Words Of Wisdom - Private - Always keep your love life, bank account and next move private. You can follow our daily, inspiring words of wisdom on #liferetreat by signing up for our feed. Private [Tweet "Follow @liferetreat_ for daily words of wisdom & inspirational quotes #liferetreat"] [Tweet "Today's... Life Retreat | South Africa


Baby Gender Reveal Party Game: Each guests places $5 in jar then writes their name on a pink or blue slip depending on their guess of the baby gender. Once the cake is cut and the baby gender is revealed, one name is selected from the appropriate gender container and the selected name wins half the jar of cash while the other half goes towards baby's bank account