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Too Cute For Words Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Melody Watson

~~ Too cute for words ~ grizzly bear cub by Melody and Michael Watson ~~

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If I saw this little sugar booger in real life, I would a.) Instinctively make "awww" sounds, b.) gently pull him off the tree and hold him like a baby, and c.) be mauled by his mom.

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These Top 10 Animal "Facts" Will Both Amaze You And Make You Laugh!

How cute is this white polar cub? Check out all the best tips and tricks for eBay sellers on The best eBay blog on the net for BOLO lists, eBay How-To Guides, and more!

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black bear cub; i have an affection for the beasties, being from british columbia [rp]

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Bears More

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"Cute Baby Polar Bear" Biological Literacy Test: This is not real. It does not look real. Your first reaction should be "fake" and your 2nd reaction upon ANY attempt at closer inspection should be "REALLY, REALLY, OBVIOUSLY FAKE." If the above conflicts with your reality: You are biologically illiterate. I've got some unicorns for sale you might be interested in...

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mama bear and triplets...we have seen Them round here lately...3

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Dangerous animals caught being adorable (25 Photos)

Dangerous animals caught being adorable (25 Photos) More

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Black Bear Cub ♥ Black bears may enter camps or your cottage or home, especially when wild foods are scarce, but they rarely attack people. Black bears usually retreat before people are aware of them. Their hearing is more sensitive than a human’s, and their broad, soft foot pads allow them to move quietly downwind where they can best identify their dangers.

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