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I thought Jeremy & I were as close as two could ever become. To be the one your lover can be vulnerable with brings a whole new level of intimacy.

Bangladesh Tabloid Blitz broken a Story, that Hina Rabbani , Pakistan Foreign Minister and mother of two is in Love with Bilawal, on of Pakistan President Zardari. Bangladesh Muslim Clerics have re...

Hina Rabbani To be Stoned to Death? Of Bilawal Love.

The Income Tax Commissioner SK Srivastava files an application in the Patiala House Courts pointing out the money laundering apparatus of NDTV. This allegation links NDTV with Chidambaram and says .

CSN's Sport-Related Concussions in Children and Adolescents - Fact Sheets 2013 | Children's Safety Network

When Parents Talk about Prescription Drug Abuse, Kids Listen (with Infographic)

Driv-urself.  /// If you threw on the brakes the person in the back seat would be thrown forward and hit their (my) head on the giant metal hooks and have a concussion :P

Driv-urself - remember my cousin being in one of these when I was a little kid.