Daily Awww: Baaaaabies! (39 photos)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Daily Awww: Baaaaabies! (39 photos)

Oh, those eyes! Just ♥love♥ those big blue eyes! **Whenever I see blue eyes, I think of my 2 Grandsons with their bright blue eyes.(And I ♥love♥ those two guys so very much,)

Omg ..., those eyes! i want my baby to look like this.

I love that you can see the baby, too. So many disembodied feet photos out there - all cute, don't get me wrong, but you don't see what the sweet baby looks like. This photo is PERFECT!

Those eyes.  That facial expression.  Priceless!!!

That facial expression. Raising intellectual beautiful children and I mUSt say you have beautiful and intellectual children.

hand sculpted in cold porcelain clay  little flowers made with clay  mommy's eyes are 6mm glass beads  baby's eyes are 3mm beads

hand sculpted in cold porcelain clay little flowers made with clay mommy's eyes are glass beads baby's eyes are beads Mommy And Me

Pinterest// abigailrippy03

Pinterest// abigailrippy03

What a difference between this sentient being & the sentient being, the calf, pictured to the left. One is the recipient of loving care by its parents, & the other is considered merely a commodity by its owner who has no moral hesitancy in making a living as a monster.

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You Are The Pineapple Of My Eye Baby Reveal | Shop. Rent. Consign. MotherhoodCloset.com Maternity Consignment

"You Are The Pineapple Of My Eye" Baby Reveal

"You are the Pineapple of My Eye" Baby Gender Reveal mini pineapple cocktail pink gold flowers glass straw