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Sir Mix Alot....Baby Got Back (And yes, I know song word for word....this is one of my all time get up and dance songs - If I'm 80 and this song comes on watch out because you will see me up on the dance floor)

from Baste + Gather

Free Sewing Pattern: Baby Got Back Leggings for Cloth-Diapered Babies


Building Volleyball-Worthy Glutes And Quads

If you're not one to set, spike, or dig on the court, but still aim for an athletic lower body, integrate these volleyball-based exercises into your routine!

All Absolute Women are tall, sexy and super strong. But among them, theBlack Absolute Women are even more tough and powerful. During the war between the Ansolute Women, the Black AW clan, led by the powerful Mariama, was the most dangerous team and...