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baby can't look at this without some sort of "aww" reaction..impossible! #adorable

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Dakota - cria born at Figment Ranch (glad to see Figment is still around!) - She looks like my Mysti - what a cutie! #llama #cria tå√

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Our Story

Baby Llama..Awwww, i think my heart just melted inside, too cute :-)

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"U hear that?" "Whut?" "They think we're llamas!" "LOL! Really?" "Yah! Hey lets just stand here like we are llama's and they'll never know!" "No! if we do that then they'll think we're gaunacos." "No they won't" "O-oooooh yes they will!" "So whut do you wanna do then?" "I dunno. Let's just stand here."

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5 Baby animals too cute to be real

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19 Llamas (And Alpacas!) You Can't Even Believe Are Real

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I think this is how I Want to me when I'm old: carrying a sheep around in a colorful boho bag to carnivals...kinda fits me

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