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15 Holiday Beauty Hacks Every Girl Must Know

Coating your eyelashes in baby powder makes them appear fuller and more volumized!

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Thicken Lashes with Baby Powder

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He Puts Vinegar In A Bottle And Starts Shaking It. The Results? What A Smart Winter Hack!

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Wash off an old mascara brush, dip it in baby powder, then cover in vaseline. Do this for a few weeks and you eye lashes with get longer and more curled.

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Make Eyelashes Longer with Vaseline

Beauty Secret: For a natural look, try using plain Vaseline on your lashes instead of mascara. It darkens lashes, it won't dry up to make lashes break off, and it won't cake up. -Monti - Click image to find more Hair & Beauty Pinterest pins

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Repin: So a lot of girls ask me if my eyelashes are fake, no they arent. But theres the trick to making them look fake. 1. Apply the first coat of mascara. 2. Get a Q-tip and put some baby power on it. 3. Apply it to your eyelashes (this separates them really well) 4. Apply as many coats of mascara and repeat as much as you want. And get fake looking lashes for the day. ,

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DIY Mascara Thickener

Simply dab BABY POWDER on the ends of your eye lashes ,with a Q-Tip, after your first layer of mascara. Next apply your second coat of mascara and enjoy LONG and BEAUTIFUL eye lashes! Now go share this awesome and easy beauty tip with your girl friends on your next night out

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