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Get out the set-in, stubborn stains on baby clothes with this concoction via My Life in Pink and Green

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How to Easily Remove Poopout Stains

How to easily remove poopout stains: the secret to getting out new or set-in stains caused by baby poop blowouts! Works every time!

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Get rid of dried in stains---2 Parts Peroxide, 1 part Dawn Dish Liquid and 1 part Baking Soda. Put on stain, scrub, let set for one hour and wash as usual....TAH-DAH--stain is gone.

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Best Baby Laundry Tricks & Tips

Amazing tricks, tips and gear for tackling baby laundry! Even includes the recipe for that famous DIY magic stain remover! Would make an excellent shower gift basket for a baby shower too. #babyclothes #clothes Gifts for baby showers #babyshowergifts

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Miracle Stain Remover (this stuff really works

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Miracle Stain Remover (this stuff really works

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Miracle Worker Stain RemoverMix together 1 t Dawn (stick with the traditional blue Dawn), 4 T Hydrogen Peroxide, and 2 T Baking Soda. Mix it together.

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