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DIY OutHouse While preparing to “rough it” in the woods for 9 days, we decided to browse the web to find out how to make a camping toilet. We found lots of great toities! Inspired by all the great ideas, we designed this toilet for comfort and balance.

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Preparing for baby by stockpiling household goods like toilet paper and basically everything you'll need for after baby comes. Awesome list!

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Pack of 3pcs Smartlife Baby Toilet Potty Training Pants with 3 Layer for Infant Baby - http://bigboutique.tk/product/pack-of-3pcs-smartlife-baby-toilet-potty-training-pants-with-3-layer-for-infant-baby/

Another type of potty training device are adapter seats that fits over the regular toilet seat making it easier for your child to sit on the big potty. See more useful tips at http://www.pottytrainingchild.com/training-with-baby-toilet-seat/

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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Kid Craft using toilet paper roll. Great handprint kid craft for Christmas.

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Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder | This is an easy project to try. #DiyReady www.diyready.com

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