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15 Sites that offer Free Embroidery Designs

15 Sites listed that offer Free Machine Embroidery Designs. Full list with more detail at

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Coffee Filters for Embroidery Machine Backing: -- If you have an embroidery machine, don't buy that expensive backing. When I bought mine, the man told me to just go to the dollar store, buy some cheap coffee filters, and press them out. They work great! You can use non-woven fabric (i.e. the free bibs for children at some restaurants such as Mc Donald's, etc. They are bigger in size than coffee filters.

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Interested in machine embroidery but aren’t sure where to begin? In this first episode of Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery: Embroidery Machines, find out what to look for in an embroidery machine and different features that might be important for the kinds of embroidery you want to do!

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How to choose the right backing and needle for embroidery. Our customers are often ask for advice on picking embroidery needles and backing for various jobs. We find that most jobs fall under just a handful of categories, the cart below will help to ...

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Get tips and tricks for adding machine embroidery to minky fabric from Embroidery Library.

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