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The backstitch - probably the most common outline stitch used in embroidery. It gives a nice, smooth, continuous line. If you’re going to b...

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Pumora's stich-lexicon: threaded back stitch, umschlungener Rueckstich/Rückstich (DE); point de piqûre rebrodé/orné/entrelacé (FR); punto pespunte entrelazados (ES)

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Pumora's Stich-Lexikon: der Rückstich; back stitch (EN); point de piqûre (FR); punto atrás/ punto pespunte (ES)

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Learn Every Embroidery Stitch You'll Ever Need

Here you will find a list of stitches for surface embroidery. These are the basic stitches that every beginner to embroidery should learn, as well as variations of well-known embroidery stitches.

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How to Sew: Six Basic Hand Stitches

How to Sew - back stitch

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