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Nintendo Wii - my third nintendo console, also one of the first versions that are backwards compatable with gamecube


Skate 3 is now backwards compatible on XB1

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Turns One; Skate 3 Available Today

Still feeling the sting of stolen Xbox with all my Skyrim game files. Why can't Xbox One be backwards compatible?


Internet Provider for full-time RVing. $60 monthly.


Microsoft Adds Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 to Xbox One Backward Compatibility: The all-time classic sci-fi action/RPG games Mass Effect…

Microsoft Xbox Scorpio Will Support Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility

Assassin's Creed Unity Banner: Unity looks SOOO good and I wish I could be excited for it, but honestly I'm pretty angry at the Assassin's Creed creators because it won't be available for last generation consoles, meaning those of us that have BEEN WITH THE FRANCHISE SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING ARE FORCED TO BUY A NEW CONSOLE THAT ISN'T EVEN BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE JUST TO PLAY THE NEW INSTALLMENT. AND THAT'S JUST NOT FAIR CONSIDERING HOW EXPENSIVE THESE GAMES ARE ALREADY. I mean, come on.


'Top Fan Requests' Coming to Xbox Backward Compatibility Some "top fan requests" are headed to the list of Xbox One backward compatible games this month according to a recent tweet by Xbox head Phil Spencer. The tweet in response to a fan thanking Xbox for making the Xbox 360 RPG Blue Dragon playable on Xbox One states: "Thanks BC team just sent me their planned November list looks to be a great BC month landing some of top fan requests." Could "top fan requests" include original-Xbox…

Xbox One news: Five new backwards compatibility games, GTA 5 Online Biker DLC 2 reveal #backwards #compatibility #games #online #biker…