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Hmmm, I wonder if this actually works. Maybe worth a try!


Bad headache day today. Missing work and Googling chronic headache help for what feels like the zillionth time. This one seemed to alleviate some of my pain for a few minutes, so it seems worth a share.


Poster about MIGRAINE IS NOT JUST A 'BAD HEADACHE ' Migraine is a neurological disorder, and research increasingly shows that it is genetic.


Certain foods may trigger a #migraine. Learn the 27 foods to avoid by clicking the link below:

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15 Herbs for Headaches

If you're suffering from bad headaches and are looking a natural solution, you'll want to check out this post on 15 herbs for headaches. You may even be inspired to grow your own headache garden!

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How to Find Pressure Points to Cure Headaches

pressure points for headaches


10 Foods To Eat When You're In Pain

You know when you get a really bad headache, but it's not bad enough to call it a migraine? Or a really bad backache that just won't quit, but it isn't chronic pain? You can try popping a couple of your go-to painkiller. But if in a few hours that ac

Please send prayers for my husband, - Please send prayers for my husband, Russell. He is in the hospital with an undetermined illness. He is very sick, high temperatures, very bad headaches & they don�t know what is wrong, They have him on 2 very intense antibiotics and 2 very potent pain medications. His blood work shows infection levels, his spinal tap came back with white cells in the fluid. They have done blood samples, blood cultures, echocardiograms, CT scans, flu tests, urine…

My son LaMarquise got an concussion playing football - My son LaMarquise got an concussion playing football he also has been having problems with his neck. For the last 2 weeks has had to come home from school because he has bad headaches and his neck hurts please pray for him please.I also have a neck inury due to getting hit in the head and it has been bothering my lately because of the way I slept. I have a pinch nerve and it makes my head feel foggy. Please pray for healing for use…