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{open: David} I yawn sleepily. So late..wait.. I check my watch. Never earlyyy. I run a hand and start walking, and end up walking, well.,straight into you. "Ah, I'm sorry" I say, rubbing my eyes and helping you back to your feet


My precious baby needs to get his nutella abs back. Because Xiumin was talking about how Baekhyun hasn't been eating and has been going to the gym everyday just for this moment to reveal his abs for EXO-L's. This is crazy. He needs to eat.


Baekhyun was trying to do what Xiumin was doing with his marker.....


160802 - #BaekHyun omggggg.... As much as this is fucking amazing, I feel badly when idols think they MUST have "ABSSS" in order to be appreciated.. I feel guilty enjoying them as much as I do.. when muscles are there, great... if not, I still love them.. it's just a nice bonus.. and it could just be the particular moment that the pic was taken, but to me he does not look happy..