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Beef & Cheese Empanadas: Baked OR Fried

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Ham and Cheese Empanadas {Football Friday}

Ham and Cheese Empanadas - CRAZY good! Pie crust filled with a yummy ham and cheese filling and baked. Great for watching football and parties. Can make ahead of time and freezer for later. Ham, cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, cream cheese, dijon, Worcestershire, brown sugar, onion, pie crust. These things fly off the plate! SO good!! LOVE these savory hand pies!!

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16 Irresistible Empanada Recipes You Should Try Making at Home

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Baked Empanadas

WINNER but with some effort. empanadas- (ground beef) Tried this tonight. It was quite a bit of work. Recipe needed a little extra water for dough. Ended up rolling the dough much thinner and just hand closing. Made larger pockets, but very yummy! I will probably make this again... but only when I have plenty of time to hang out in the kitchen!

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Beef, Potato and Chorizo Empanadas

Use puff pastry dough, southern style diced potatoes (deep fry mins). Add raisins, diced onions and diced red pepper. Skip paprika,cumin and salt. Use Magic seasoning instead and a little garlic powder. Bake 14 mins at then Lo broil for min.

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How to make empanada dough for baking

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How to Make Empanadas

PURE HEAVEN! I could eat these every day. They can be made ahead of time, are totally customizable, and are baked NOT fried!

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Argentine Spinach Empanadas

Argentine-Spinach-Empanadas are amazing! The dough is delicious and flaky and the creamy spinach cheese filling is heavenly. You can also freeze them and them pul lthem out later to bake.

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